O kim? for 8 players

Performed by the Meitar Ensemble

Attics for soprano and viola

Performed by Juliet Fraser and Maxime Desert

O yer  for chamber ensemble

Performed by Ensemble Composit

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Revival  for chamber ensemble

Performed by Ensemble Schallfeld

Buffavento  for chamber orchestra 

Performed by Thornton Edge, conductor: Donald Crockett

Ağıtlar  for  violoncello and piano

Performed by Imri Talgam(Pno) and Emilie Gerard Charest

Studies after Archipenko  for chamber ensemble

Performed by the Ecce 

Music for Strings No: 1 (Doors)

Performed by Argus Quartet

Fernweh for Small Chamber Ensemble

Performed by Chang Lu  (Fl), Eric Jacobs (Cl in B flat/Bass Cl in Bb), Sisi Ye (Pno), Sarah Rommel  (Vc)