Here are some of the digital synthesizers designed by  myself:

This one creates microtonal deviations based on how hard you hit the keys of your midi keyboard.  

My current field of research focuses on tuning systems that operate outside of equal-temperament. The historical landscape of my study begins with Pythagorean systems and covers some of the most significant yet unexplored 20th/21st century themes, such as Juliàn Carrillo’s Sonido Trece, Marc Sabat’s extended JI systems and Georg Friedrich Haas’s virtual spectra to name just a few.  


I mainly combine my studies with the aid of computer programs such as Reaktor, Max/msp, Spear, Audiosculpt, etc. Recently, I have been focusing on the design and creation of digital synthesizers that enable me to study microtones with extreme precision.

Three Portals for Solo Guitar, Mak Grgic
Warped Clocks, Stephen Krishnan

This one  has the capability to play in many extended JI systems.

Research Papers and Studies

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